Time to change

Hi world!!!!

My name is Alex Mendez, as you can see. Right now i just became a vegan and i am raining the LA marathon that is going to take in May 19 ( I have to check, do not remember). In the last two years have change a lot in my life. During my 15th birthday i started to developed an ED and it was not pretty, now two years later i am almost recovered and trying to find my happy place in life and i am almost there. Right now the reason i became a vegan was to protect the life of animals (they have the right to live too and have long and happy life). I am not going to be life PETA that criticised everyone who does not eat a vegan diet, everyone has their choice and people should not get criticized based on the decisions they do. One of the reasons that i started this blog is to try find vegans and runners, that like to read or to blog. One of the things that i tried to strive for its not to let anything get me down. One of the things the i love to do is run. That time i am free form anything and just feel free and nothing wears me down. I am in my senior year in high school ( i know scary, i just want to stay a kid or teen forever) i am going to attend UCLA to become a register dietcian and help people make healthy choices and understand food labels and all of the lingo indredients they put in those nasty process things. I try to eat an all organic (when i have the money to buy it) diet vegan diet and maybe soon going raw and maybe later going soy free. But i think that its in the future not happening soon. I am going to post some pics during my ED and were i am now.

unhealthy and unhappy weight

unhealthy and unhappy weight






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  1. Hey Alex! Great blog, can’t wait to read more from you and good luck in your training. I think its great that you eat vegan, I know its not for me (though I eat a lot of vegetarian or vegan products and meals) but I have a lot of respect for those who do it. Have a great day!

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